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How to determine what browser size your website should support

Google keeps track of the browser size of its millions of visitors. It knows what are the most common browser sizes and it has created an online tool to share that information with us. It's called Google Browser Size, Google Browser Size shows you how most visitors view your website. You can use that information to determine what width to make your website and where and at what height to put the most important information.

To use the tool, visit Google Browser Size and enter your website's URL. It superimposes on top of it a series browser window sizes and the percentage of visitors who have those browser window sizes., and display their important items within the 90% browser size.

Be aware that for some websites (e.g. those websites that center the page in your browser, like you need to size your browser so that the width of the website fits your browser's width, like in the image above for ESPN.


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